Accoustic Neuroma Association (ANA) announces Jackie Diels Facial Retraining as a bronze sponsor for 2016. Jackie Diels Facial Retraining’s sponsorship provides continued support to the thousands affected by a rare, benign tumor of the hearing and balance nerve called an acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma.

Diels, of McFarland, is an occupational therapist specializing in facial neuromuscular retraining in the Madison (Wisconsin) area. Diels also extends her dedication to the acoustic neuroma community of thousands around the U.S. in a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of this rare disease, during the fourth annual ANAwareness Week May 8-14. ANA leads the charge along with its sponsors to inform the public about the importance of awareness of the symptoms and early detection.

While acoustic neuroma is rare, ANA’s Medical Advisory Board reports that occurrence is 3.5 in every 100,000 people and 2,500 t0 3,000 are diagnosed annually in the U.S. The early symptoms include a reduction in hearing in the tumor ear, ringing in the ear, a feeling of fullness in the affected ear, balance issues and headaches. There is no known cause of acoustic neuroma.