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Diels_Jacqueline_photoJackie Diels, OT
Jackie Diels Facial Retraining

Jackie Diels is regarded as a leading authority on facial neuromuscular retraining (NMR), a non-surgical therapeutic approach to the treatment of facial paralysis, paresis and synkinesis.

Jackie received her degree in occupational therapy at the University of Wisconsin (UW) in 1985. Shortly thereafter she began her work in facial NMR at the UW Hospital and Clinics Neuromuscular Retraining Clinic, under the mentorship of Paul Bach-y-Rita, MD and Richard Balliet, PhD, pioneers in the field of brain plasticity and rehabilitation.

Since that time, her practice has be dedicated solely to treating people with facial paralysis resulting from acoustic neuroma and other brain tumors, Bell’s palsy, traumatic injury and other causes.

In addition to private practice, Ms. Diels continues part-time clinic practice and staffs a multidisciplinary Facial Nerve Clinic. Ms. Diels consults extensively with physicians and therapists world-wide with particular emphasis on developing treatment strategies for synkinesis.

Jackie lectures frequently to patient support groups, physicians and therapists and has trained therapists in the U.S. and abroad. She is actively involved in ongoing research and has authored numerous book chapters and articles in the field of facial rehabilitation. Ms. Diels is a founding member and past secretary of the Sir Charles Bell Society and currently serves on the medical advisory boards of the American Acoustic Neuroma Association, the Bell’s Palsy Information Site and the Facial Paralysis Foundation.

Jackie’s mission is to empower patients and medical professionals to improve function and quality of life for people affected by facial paralysis through education, insight and training.