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Welcome to Jackie Diels Facial Retraining

Facial retraining is a client-centered approach to the non-surgical treatment of facial paralysis, paresis and synkinesis using motor learning techniques created specifically for facial nerve and muscle paralysis. It is based on clinical research that indicates, given an intact facial nerve, there is no time limit to when functional improvements can be learned after injury. Individual programs are tailor-made for each client based on their unique functional profile and goals. Successful rehabilitation reestablishes the exquisite movements fundamental to expression, interpersonal communication, eating, drinking, speaking and blinking, and other, normally spontaneous, functions.

Jackie Diels has been a leader in the practice of Neuromuscular Facial Retraining for over 27 years. Jackie considers her practice as much a calling as a profession. Learn more.

Working with Jackie Diels Facial Retraining is a collaborative process between therapist and patient. Each situation is unique and is treated as such. Through the years, Jackie Diels has helped people all over the world improve facial function through her understanding of Neuromuscular Facial Retraining.